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Sneak Peek for Sept 15th, 2011

Colors tab


First up is the Colors tab. This is for changing the colors of each item on the map.
As of right now most of the tab is a mockup as none of the color changing parts work
but it only has a day of work on it so far.

Chest types


Chest types are now able to be drawn on the map. This only works if that
Show Chest Type checkBox is checked. This fully works.


They even show up on the World Information tab. Though they will only show
up if the list gets generated from drawing a world. I do not plan on keeping
it this way but it is how it works right now.



You can see the background colors in this shot. Look in the upper right and
you can clearly see the dividing line between the dirt & rocks layer and the
darker layer beneath it.

Multiple settings

Not only was the settings system redone to vastly shrink it but I also added
the ability to create multiple settings for easy switching between setups. Want
a map drawn with only chests showing that contain certain items but also like
drawing maps with no markers showing at all? Now you can do it faster.

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jdbent Aug 26, 2014 at 10:46 AM 
Do you have any plans of updating the ability to change tile colors in world viewer? With the use of the extractionator, it would be nice to easily locate slush and silt tiles

doidivanas Sep 25, 2011 at 10:22 PM 
Awesome man, when you will release it? Please, soon as possible!
Great job, thanks a lot!