Ebonstone/Pearlstone as options

Mar 28, 2012 at 4:33 PM

I've just recently purified my world ( pre-hardmode ) from corruption and was in thought there would be option that would allow the search of if any ebonstone was remaining. There wasn't. Now there is also use of it for hardmode to dig out those nasty growth in the underground before they expand into vast areas. ( Almost unnoticesable at first then they burst out... failed in contaminating them all in small areas to collect later, too many smashed altars at the same time... 20... 30? )

So this would be my thoughts, if possible to make a function for ebonstone/pearlstone to be rooted just like other "special stones" (Hell, Obsi, etc. configuring this off as default would also be good idea if implemented cause not that many need it. )

" Why purify the world when you can ... " " I want it purified and hallowing it does not count as such! "