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I wanted to get this out so people have a usable program.

What is this?

This program will allow you to create a full view of your Terraria world. It's possible to highlight elements like Chests, Shadow Orbs, Heart Stones, as well as ores like Gold, Diamond, and many more.
It supports command line arguments, for servers to periodically generate a new map without any user intervention.

Check out the Downloads section for more information!

Example Maps

Example #1
click for larger version

Symbol Legend



Where are my world files?

  • In your %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds folder.

I get an error! What do I do?

  • Please copy the exception text and maybe post a screenshot in our Issue Tracker, and if you think it's relevant, include your zipped World file.

Advanced FAQ

How can I change the marker icons?

  • Navigate to: %APPDATA%\TerrariaWorldViewer\Resources and replace the graphics with the PNG files of your choice.

How do I use MoreTerra in the command line with my server?

  • Just navigate to the folder where you extracted the ZIP, and you should see the .exe file and a .bat file. There, enter MoreTerraNoGui.bat --help for more instructions.
    • When passing a path to the program, remember to put quotation marks around paths that have a space in them!

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